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We are very confident about our service which has a combination of proficient approach, startling performance, reliable management system, and excellence in delivery which comprises of international standards. We own a high proficiency in offering tailored solutions based on your industry sector, hence, you can be assured about the delivery of out-of-the-box features and functionalities for your project from us. You can Hire Dedicated PHP Programmers from eLuminous Technologies to customize available open source and extra-ordinary solutions. You can communicate with our Programmer directly and appoint them after the proper interview.

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Attract Prospects With Engaging Content

Content Marketing is a modern & highly effective online marketing technique adopted by companies to create and share authoritative, relevant, valuable and unique content so as to attract and engage target audience. The sole objective behind this is to educate, inform, entertain and guide prospects through each step in the buying cycle; and while helping clients in making pragmatic and informed decisions, the ultimate goal is to persuade them to select the company’s products, services and solutions over the competitor’s offerings.
Focused on media owning, the basic concept behind this marketing strategy is inspiring business and maintaining loyalty with buyers by offering valuable information consistently for engaging them. The information can be shared in diverse forms like news, video, e-books, white papers, infographics, how-to guides, case studies, photos and etc.

How Can Our Content Marketing Solutions Help You

Indus Net Technologies provides Content Marketing solutions based on industry needs. Let your brand communicate with its target audience without direct selling and reap the following benefits:

  • Strong Customer BondingStrong Customer Bonding & LoyaltyGreat and helpful content easily solves customer issues. Once your customers see you are trying your best to assist them in their day-to-day business challenges, they will automatically build a stronger relationship with your business brand.
  • Increase Brand AwarenessIncreased Brand AwarenessStrong content reflects how much your business brand knows about the industry and its products and/or services. Content forms like white papers, corporate blogs, e-books and case studies can earn you the reputation of a thought leader of the sector you are involved in.
  • Lead generation via Customer EducationLead Generation via Customer EducationWell-curated content educates customers about the features of your business products/services and helps them understand the industry trends in a much better manner; and such empowered customers highly tend to become real customers & the best brand ambassadors.
  • Lessen Customer Queries/ ComplaintsLess Customer Queries/ComplaintsThe more informative content you provide to your users, the more likely it will be that they will solve the problems on their own. That in turn will lessen calls to your customer service center.
  • Improve SEOImproved SEOFor Google, Content Marketing is the other name of SEO. Contents that are relevant, have high editorial quality, drives in more traffic and are well-ranked by search engines improve organic SEO the best. After all, quality content is the king.
  • Boost Sales with Lead nurturingMore Sales with Lead NurturingCreating and sharing quality content across social pages and other media platforms assists you to engage your target audience. It even offers comprehensive brand experience to the site visitors which in turn is more likely to generate more sales.

Indus Net Technologies can help you reach your content marketing goal. We excel in creating fresh, relevant and interesting content for different industries. INT has a team of qualified and experienced in-house content developers including bloggers, journalists and social media managers who will work with you to create quality and unique content. Our brainstormed content is professionally designed to attract more prospects. We even take care of the required content marketing strategy. We do all these in eight easy steps:

  • Identifying target audience and buyer stages
  • Creating content map
  • Creating and managing a content/editorial calendar
  • Interviewing your SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) and/or customers
  • Copywriting and designing blog posts, e-books, white papers and videos
  • Submitting content for final review & approval
  • Creating call-to-action and designing landing page
  • Promoting the content through your website, e-mail and diverse social media platforms

Types Of Content We Create

  • Article Writing: Our professional content writers have got expertise in creating articles for any business domain.
  • Blog Content: Our professional blog writers write blogs that not just influence the search engines but even create value for your readers on your behalf.
  • Marketing Content: We create varied marketing contents like press releases, mobile content, newsletters and e-mail marketing content that you might need to make your content marketing strategy more effective.
  • Social Media Content: Our team of expert content writers specializes in creating content for diverse social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and etc. This helps you interact effectively with your target audience and build more valuable links.
  • Website Content: We create optimized website content that you require to attract and engage web visitors as well as establish your brand as the trusted brand to buy from.
  • White Paper Writing: Our in-house content development professionals create informative white papers, which tell your business brand story without sounding like a sales pitch.
  • Infographics : Our in-house content & design specialists can create highly informative and compelling information graphics or infographics that are graphical and visual representations of information, data or concept of your business, products’/services’ benefits, industry trends among other communication themes and etc. quickly and clearly to your target customers with improved cognition & recall.
  • Explainer/Marketing Videos : We have a specialized team of designers, animators & script writers who can develop compelling animated stories to portray your brand/business concept, product/service portfolio & their benefits and your other marketing communication requirements effectively and in an engaging format to your target audience.

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