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We are very confident about our service which has a combination of proficient approach, startling performance, reliable management system, and excellence in delivery which comprises of international standards. We own a high proficiency in offering tailored solutions based on your industry sector, hence, you can be assured about the delivery of out-of-the-box features and functionalities for your project from us. You can Hire Dedicated PHP Programmers from eLuminous Technologies to customize available open source and extra-ordinary solutions. You can communicate with our Programmer directly and appoint them after the proper interview.

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Search Engine Marketing is all about well-orchestrating online marketing campaigns that are mainly used for stimulating instant conversions and can be simultaneously carried on with the Search Engine Optimisation campaigns. The niche markets treat SEM as a mission-critical add-on to their overall advertising plan.

Maximize Your Business ROI With INT’s Targeted SEM Services

If organised and planned properly, Search Engine Marketing can bring in effective results. Our efficient SEM campaigns will help you gain more leads.

AdWords Campaign Management

We not just create your business ads but even manage keywords bidding and prepare detailed report.

Know more
  • AdWords Campaign Management
  • Advanced A-B Testing

Advanced A-B Testing

Through this test, we understand the fluctuating market trends in a much better way.

Advanced A-B Testing

Through this test, we understand the fluctuating market trends in a much better way.

Landing Page Designing

We design and develop the landing page for AdWords and organic SEO at the most competitive price.

Regular Analytical Report

We will provide you with an in-depth report so as to help you know the effectiveness of our PPC campaigns.

Advanced Marketing Management

Our creative web ads bring immediate results as well as minimize CPA/CPC/CPM

Display/Banner Ad Designing

We design creative and professional-looking Display/Banner Ads that maximizes lead generation and conversions.

Apart from the aforementioned key aspects, other benefits that you can reap are:

  • Best conversion rates
  • Even new websites will be recognised immediately
  • Increased number of relevant visitors will get directed to your website
  • Maximum Return On Investment
  • Most budget-friendly web advertising campaign
  • Maximum brand awareness and online exposure at less cost

What Separates Us From Others

It is our approach that makes us stand out in the crowd. After all, it is all about having the right approach and planning in the right direction.

Unified Ad-Management Solution

We have a team of SEM experts who are qualified enough to efficiently deal with the following and ensure that your investment is spent well and the conversion rate is optimised:

  • Google AdWords
  • Yahoo Search Marketing
  • Facebook Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Ad Networking
  • Campaign Crafting

Integrated Pay Per Click And Landing Page Variations

We efficiently combine our creative PPC ads with Landing Page Variations so that you get the most out of your investment. We start by creating compelling online ads with an aim to maximize CTR (Click Through Rate). Then we test different landing pages to check the rate of sales conversion and lead generation. Based on this data analysis, we finally prepare and implement the plan required to increase your business.

Instant And Effective Results

We design your Pay Per Click campaigns in such a way that you can easily determine the expenditure for web advertisement. In addition to this, you can monitor the outcome on a regular basis.

Pay Per Click

Commonly called as “PPC”, it is among the most effective advertising strategies that can help you generate more leads in less time. The paid search process includes paying a particular amount of money by the clients when an ad is clicked on. Pay Per Click campaigns focus more on market recognition and brand awareness. This is considered to be the most flexible online advertising form as this allows a seller to identify and decide on the amount of expenditure to be made on a predetermined budget.INT specializes in effective PPC campaign

online Media Buying

This is the process of online media planning. It helps you plan about how to negotiate on the placement and price of your business ad on an online media platform so as to ensure that you get the best value out of it. This form of ad management will help you buy media real estate locally, nationally and globally, depending on your business and advertising needs.

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